The Blaster

40.00  Tuesday - Saturday
Only 25.00  on  Mondays

Our signature 2 hour Class II-III whitewater rafting trip. This is the perfect trip for everyone. Fun rapids, great swimming spots, and lots of adventure. This is stress free rafting at its finest and will leave you with a HUGE smile on your face. 3.5 continuous miles starting at the mouth of the Kern Canyon and ending near Lake Ming in Bakersfield CA.  No need to hesitate on this one....You will love it!

Departs Monday - Friday 10am & 1pm
Saturdays we offer 10am, 1pm & 3:30pm

See Booking Calendar for specific availability

Master Blaster (Must Call To Reserve)

80.00  Tuesday - Saturday
Only 65.00 on Mondays

The Master Blaster. This is our half-day expedition that starts at 10am Monday - Saturday and finishes around 3pm (Run the Blaster twice). You go down once in the morning, have a break for lunch, and then go back out in the afternoon. This is perfect for those who have traveled a distance and want more time on the water. Lunch is provided by Coseree's Deli At Rio Bravo Ranch and includes: a sandwich, chips, cookies, and a bottled water. Everyone loves the Master Blaster! 7 miles starting at the mouth of the Kern Canyon and ending near Lake Ming in Bakersfield CA.  Save your seat now before they are gone!  Very limited availability.

This will be the last season we offer the Master Blaster, so if you have MB Specific codes or Splash Back Passes don't worry, they will be good towards a Double Blaster once we phase out the Master Blaster completely.

Departs     Monday-Saturday at 10:00am  

Note: Exact time frame of your trip will vary depending on current water levels on the day of your trip. Higher water levels= faster trip down the river. Lower levels = slower trip down the river. Total trip time includes transportation and safety instruction.


River’s End Rafting caters to any group. Whether you’re planning a unique birthday party, family reunion, scouting activity, or something new for a church group, we can help you turn your plans into a reality. If your group is very large, give us a call and we will set you up with a special group rate that will make you smile.

RER Group rates kick in with a group size of 12 or more people being booked by one person. We will discount $10 off per person.  Your Blaster rate will be $30 and your Master Blaster is only $70. We even honor your group rate on Saturdays. The bigger your booking, the more you save!

Current Water Levels: Click here to view

Water Levels are indicated in the “Outflow” column (Link to your right)

All water levels have the potential of being very fun.  It is always relative to your experience and type of water craft used.

Water Levels

150-450 = Low Water Conditions
451- 650 = Still Low but fun
651-800 = Starting to get very wet in the rapids
801-1000 = Ok, that’s better!
1001-2500 = Fantastic Rafting conditions!
2501-3500 = Wow we are really moving now. Still fantastic!! Was that trip shorter than I remember?
3501-4000 = Really fast water. Rapids start to change locations and size. Large holes and wave trains. Trip is quick and full of adrenaline.