RER Frequently Asked Question’s 


Q: What is your phone number?

A: 661-326-7003.

Q: What are your office hours?

A: The Reservation office is open Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm with a lunch some time in between.

Q: What is your address?

A: Our Address is 15701 Highway 178 Bakersfield, ca 93306.  We are just 15 minutes east of downtown Bakersfield.

Q: Are there any age restrictions on rafting?

A: Our Minimum age for rafting is 6 years old.  There are no inflatable kayaks available.

Q: Are you open 7 days a week?

A: RER is open 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday, all summer long.

Q: Are there any Sundays that I can go rafting?

A: We are open Sundays only on Holiday Weekends such as Memorial Weekend, Both sides of 4th of July  and Labor Day Weekend.

Q: Is everything included in the rafting price?

A: All equipment and safety gear is included in your rafting price. No hidden fees.

Q: Should I bring extra money for anything?

A: We have a full service deli on site and lots of fun things to buy in our retail shop.

Q: Do I need to wear a helmet?

A: We do not require helmets for rafting but they are available upon request at no charge.  You must wear a helmet for Kayaking.  We will provide one.

Q: Can I bring my own Life Jacket?

A: You must wear the life vest we provide. You may not bring your own unless you are Kayaking.  It must be approved by your guide.

Q: Do you have a weight limit?

A: We do not have a weight limit.   As long as you fit into our life jacket then you will be fine. We have never had to turn anyone away for weight issues.

Q: Are Saturdays always available?

A: Saturdays fill up very fast so please have alternate dates ready. Plan to take a day off work to guarantee a specific date.

Q: What is the cheapest day to raft?

A: Monday is the Cheapest day to raft and the least busy.

Q: Do you take photos of our Trip?

A: Photos will be taken of most trips. You will have the option to purchase after your trip. $40 per raft.

Q: Is there tax on rafting?

A: There is no tax on rafting….Yet!

Q: Should I plan on tipping my guide?

A: Tips are not required but are always a kind and gracious gesture after your trip.  An average tip would be $5 per person.

Q: Do I need to wear shoes?

A: Yes!  Shoes are required. No Flip Flops please.

Q: Should I bring a change of clothes for after the trip?

A: A change of clothes is a great idea!  For your comfort, we offer spray off stations and change rooms on site.

Q: Should I bring my own towel?

A: Towels are a good idea for after your trip but you won’t want to take them on the raft. Save them for after your trip.

Q: What should I do with my car keys during the trip?

A: Never take your car keys on the river. They will get lost. We provide and safe and secure location for your car keys at check in.