Gold Panning

In 1851 gold was first discovered on Greenhorn Creek near the Kern River by a exploration party sent out by John C. Fremont. This discovery led to the first Kern River gold rush. Prospectors spread out finding rich placer gold yielding as much as $50 per pan and several lode deposits. After discovery of placer gold in the Kern River in the spring of 1854 a stampede of miners began to the area. By January 1855 the area was swarming with miners.

In its heyday the town of Keyesville, located on the Kern River, consisted of 5 or 6 stores, 3 hotels, 4 saloons, a brewery, two livery stables, a wagon-making shop, 2 blacksmith shops, a barber shop, 2 butcher shops, a shoemaker’s shop, express and post offices.

The gold rush may be over, but there is still plenty of gold still found in the sands of the Kern River. RER wants you to have the opportunity to find your very own pan full of gold!

This is the perfect activity to do before or after your rafting trip. Kids and adults love to pan for gold. Bring out a group of any size and enjoy this fantastic past time.  Activity takes place at our Rafting Center in the shade.

This adventure includes:

  • Your own bag of pay dirt that is guaranteed to contain gold.
  • A pan to practice the skill of panning for gold.
  • Keep all the gold you find.
  • A vile to display your gold and keep it safe.
  • A guide to assist and teach you as you go.


Individual: 20.00 per person

Groups 12+: 15.00 per person